Prescription Lenses

lenses4We at Evans & McMahon Eyecare Plus personally trial every lens that comes on to the market to asses just how well they perform in the real world, so that we can customise a lens to suit each individual wearers needs.

Most computer users require a special design of lens to suit the ranges of their work environment. These lenses are semi progressive. In other words they have a small power change from top to bottom to enable the wearer to sit comfortably without creating tension in the neck or shoulders but still be able to focus out to the their screen and also into their keyboard/reading range.

Here is a short list of common lens types. Please ask us if you have any special requirements that you don’t see here.

Single vision lenses

As the name implies they have one focus and are the same power all over

Bifocal lenses

These lenses have a separate window in the bottom of the lens to enable focus at near.

Computer lenses/ semi progressive lenses

These lenses provide computer users good depth of field in their work environment without undue neck strain. They are also excellent for people who do certain crafts, mechanics and some trade professions.

Multifocal lenses

These lenses give wearers the closest thing to young eyesight. They provide the ability to focus from infinity to near. They do however require careful measuring and setting up. It is also vital to use a design that is suitable to an individual’s requirements.

Shaw lens design

Shaw lens designs are a very new way of producing a lens with the ability to match image size and magnification effects in both lenses. We have had remarkable success with these lenses in patients with prescriptions that are markedly different in each eye.

Prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses can be made in all lens designs either polarised or non polarised and in a variety of tint colours and density’s. Some tints are more suitable than others to different situations, we will generally ask you what you will be using them for and advise you what will work best for you. As always please ask us if you have any questions or require them for a special purpose.

Prescription safety or sports lenses

Prescription safety or sports lenses need to be made from a material that is extremely resistant to strong impact. For industrial applications we can have the lenses certified and engraved stating that they have been impact tested and rated to Australian standards. The other important aspect of Sports and Safety is that the frame the lenses are put in to needs to also be suitable for high impact and will usually have a one way bevel in the frame so that the lenses cannot be pushed out backwards and in to the eye.